Main Menu 14.0
Our new Release 14.0 is poised to be our “easiest-to-use” release yet.  We have added many “ease-of-use” enhancements.  One of the most popular will sure to be in reporting.  We now allow any user to Add, Change, Copy, or Delete any part of a report in one easy step.

Our download to the PC has many major enhancements also, including more data selection options, the ability to save and recall download definitions, and the ability to set the column order in the data prior to downloading so it will match the spreadsheet columns.

Axiom Help 14.0
How nice it will be to have all the Help/Documentation on-line instead of the old two volume manual, or cdrom.  All of our current documentation is now stored on-line and can be accessed with Function Key 1 (F1).